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Who can live at the Arizona Pioneers' Home?

To qualify as a Pioneer: A.R.S. 41-923
A. A person of good character is eligible to be admitted to the Arizona Pioneers' Home who:

      1. Is and has been for a period of five years prior to his application for admission a citizen or legal resident of the United States.

      2. Has been a resident of this state for not less than fifty years.

      3.  Has reached the age of seventy or more years.

      4.  At the time of admission, is ambulatory, has proper bowel and bladder control and is able to bathe, clothe and feed himself without assistance.

      5.  At the time of admission, does not require care in a hospital or in a skilled care or intermediate care nursing home.

B. An applicant for admission to the home shall submit to the superintendent a verified financial statement showing all assets and income, a social and health history and the results of a current medical examination on forms furnished or approved by the superintendent.

C. The superintendent may admit a person to the home when a full examination and investigation reveal that the person possesses the qualifications prescribed by this section.

D. A person admitted to the Arizona pioneers' home shall pay to this state, to the extent that he is financially able to do so, the cost incurred by this state for his care.  The cost shall be paid monthly to the superintendent and shall not be in excess of the average monthly per capita cost of operating the home based on the average number of persons then residing at the home during the year.  A person who neglects or refuses to reimburse this state as required under this subsection shall not be permitted to reside at the home during the continuance of this neglect or refusal to pay.  This subsection applies only to those persons admitted to the home after August 11, 1970.

E.  In determining the cost to the person, the superintendent shall consider the same factors for each person and shall include all assets and income of the person including the fair market value of any asset owned by the person and disposed of during residency or within two years before admission to the home.  The superintendent shall verify all applicant and resident financial information.


To qualify as a Miner: A.R.S. 41-942:

A. A person, under the order of the Governor, may be admitted to the Hospital for Disabled Miners who:

        1.Has been a resident while in the occupation of mining in this state.

        2.Is a citizen or legal resident of the United States.

        3.Has reached the age of sixty years or more, and is financially unable to support himself, or has suffered incapacitating injuries arising from and in the course of mining.

B. Based on available space and funding, the governor may approve a person for admission to the hospital for miners with disabilities who has not yet reached the age of sixty years but otherwise qualifies for admission under subsection A.

C. For the purposes of this section:

        1. “Claim" has the same meaning prescribed in section 27-301.

        2. "Mine" has the same meaning prescribed in section 27-301.

        3. "Mining":

            i)  Has the same meaning prescribed in section 27-301.

            ii) Does not include performing executive, administrative, support or clerical functions for the owner or operator of a mine, unless a person who performs executive, administrative, support or clerical functions for the owner or operator of the mine had significant environmental exposure to mining activities that could be detrimental to a person's health.

            iii)Does not include activities performed by an owner of a private mining claim who did not actually work the claim.

“Incapacitating injuries” shall be defined as such injury that renders the person unable to perform one or more of the following activities of daily living: ambulation, bathing, toileting, grooming, eating or getting in or out of bed or a chair by oneself.


ARS 41-942. Qualifications for admission to hospital; definitions

ARS 41-923. Admission to home; qualifications required; payment of costs; neglect or refusal to reimburse state