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AZ Pioneers’ Home Cemetery

The Arizona Pioneers’ Home has legislative authority to manage and maintain the historic Pioneers’ Home Cemetery, located at 1300 Iron Springs Rd., Prescott. The Arizona Pioneers’ Home Cemetery has four sections:

  • The "New Section," the most recently surveyed area lower on the property. Interments (burials of non-cremated bodies in caskets and/or cremated remains) are available in this section.
  • The "Old Section," located on the north side of the property. No burials are taking place in this section. 
  • The “Simmons Section,” established on the hill top in the 1800s. No burials are taking place in this section.
  • The Columbarium, available for inurnments (the placement of cremated remains) only.


The Arizona Pioneers' Home Cemetery  can offer a variety of placement options to meet your needs with the loss of a family member or loved one.

For placement options, pricing, and availability, please contact the Arizona Pioneers' Home at 928-445-2181. 


ARS 41-927 - Arizona Pioneers' Home cemetery; management; exemption

Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial at Sunrise
Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial - Arizona Pioneers' Home Cemetery
back of bench

Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial

The Granite Mountain Hotshots was a team of wildland firefighters from the Prescott Fire Department.  On June 30, 2013, 19 of the 20 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshot Crew died fighting the Yarnell Hill Fire. 

A memorial to the Hotshots is located in the Arizona Pioneers’ Home Cemetery

The bench at the Memorial is inscribed with the Granite Mountain Hotshots version of the Hotshots Prayer, written by Patricia Huston in 2002. 


The Hotshot's Prayer

When I am called to duty, Lord

To fight the roaring blaze,

Please keep me safe and strong

I may be here for days.


Be with my fellow crewmembers,

as we hike up to the top.

Help us cut enough line,

For this blaze to stop.


Let my skills and hands

be firm and quick.

Let me find those safety zones,

as we hit and lick.


For if this day on the line...

I should answer death's call...

Lord, bless my Hotshot Crew...

my family one and all.